Bernard Vaughan SJ (1847-1922)
Bernard Vaughan SJ (1847-1922) with King Edward VII

Bernard Vaughan SJ

Bernard Vaughan was born in 1847 to a prominent recusant family in Herefordshire.  Five of his eight brothers were also ordained, including Herbert Vaughan, later Cardinal Archbishop of Westminster.  At Stonyhurst he developed a talent for acting, and became a Jesuit in 1866.  He spent 20 years at Holy Name Church in Manchester serving in a number of roles and significantly beautifying the church.  In 1895 he gained fame through delivering a series of popular but controversial lectures on the Claims of the Catholic Church.  He was friends with everyone “from dukes to dockers”, including King Edward VII, who once said to him “ Fr Vaughan, you tell me things no one else dare tell me, and I like you for it”.  When Fr Vaughan moved to Mount St in London in 1901,  he would say “My home is in Manchester though my present address is in London”.  Here in 1906-7 he delivered his famous sermons on the Sins of Society of which a newspaper remarked “ it is difficult to estimate the effect of this astounding course of sermons”.  There followed high profile but gruelling speaking tours to China, Japan, Canada and the USA.  He died in 1922.