Ricardo daSilva SJ
Ricardo daSilva SJ

Ricardo da Silva SJ

Ricardo was born in Coimbra, Portugal.  Later, he immigrated to South Africa with his mother where he has resided most of his life; except for a recent five-year hiatus in the U.K.  He attended The Hill High School, in the south of Johannesburg, and went to work full-time immediately after finishing high school.

Whilst working in sales and marketing he studied part-time for a Diploma in Public Relations and Communications at Birnam Business College and then started a B.A. in Communication Science through UNISA.  After nearly four years in sales and marketing he left the company where he had “cut” his working teeth to pursue a more niche passion in internet marketing where he worked for two years, managing twenty or so websites from a content, creative and technical viewpoint. He later moved into the brand department where he was responsible for coordinating the various brands’ look and feel, image and promotions.

While all this was happening, he felt that although he had met with much professional success, something was amiss.  He also realised that the ‘space’ he was giving to God and the church had far more appeal and meaning than the corporate humdrum.  Following a period of discernment and after meeting some of the Jesuits here at Holy Trinity and being greatly impressed by their commitment and passion for their ministry, he chose to explore the call to priesthood as a Jesuit.

In September 2007, he became a Jesuit.  Two years later he professed vows of poverty, chastity and obedience.  During this period, he worked with the homeless in London, the elderly, refugees and asylum seekers in Birmingham, Palestinian people in Israel, and taught English and Religion to high school students in Cape Town.  He then moved to London in 2009, to pursue studies in philosophy at Heythrop College, University of London, which he recently completed, and was awarded a B.A. (Hons.) Philosophy.  Whilst there he worked and worshipped with a group of young adults; particularly developing the music ministry, but especially to keep him sane after a week’s philosophising.

At Holy Trinity, he will be the Assistant Chaplain, focussing predominantly on university ministry: developing our outreach and commitment to students and staff at WITS and neighbouring UJ.