Show we care about climate change

Celebrating our earth: 8 - 16 October 2016. Credit: pixabay
Celebrating our earth: 8 - 16 October 2016. Credit: pixabay

Supporters of Jesuit Missions are being encouraged to join a Week of Action to ensure that climate change remains on the agenda of politicians and the world’s decision-makers. The Week, organised by The Climate Coalition of which Jesuit Missions is a member, aims to celebrate the people, places and things we want to protect from climate change and to send a clear message to Members of Parliament.

“We’ll be seeing nature walks, tea parties, classic lobbies, community energy visits and all sorts of other events to start those key conversations about climate change,” explains Richard Greenwood, Deputy Director of Jesuit Missions (JM). “All this will either involve MPs or be showcased to them, so that politicians see, feel and hear how much their constituents care about what we could lose to climate change.”

A key political issue

Last year, constituents travelled to Westminster to lobby 342 MPs. They were among the hundreds of thousands of activists around the world who marched to urge action on a global scale on the eve of the UN climate summit in Paris, known at COP21. In London, Jesuit Missions supporters joined the 50,000 who took part in the UK's largest ever demonstration for action against climate change. Sam Aidoo of Jesuit Missions says that she felt that taking part in the march last November was a concrete way of influencing the political debate. "Seeing so many people come out on a damp and blustery day was inspiring in itself and was evidence of people’s care for and commitment to the planet," she said afterwards.Jesuit Missions supporters at the London rally, 2015

This year, actions will take place in constituencies around the country. The aim is to get as many people as possible talking to their MPs about climate change. At a time of significant political change they need to know that for many of their constituents climate change is a key issue.

The Week of Action for Climate Change is taking place from 8 to 16 October. People all over the UK are organising events in their local areas and details of events planned by Jesuit Missions supporters and other campaigners are available on the JM website.  

Thursday, 1 September 2016 is the World Day of Prayer for the Care of Creation and Pope Francis has called on Christians of all denominations to engage in this major global ecumenical stewardship initiative.