The sinking of the Titanic 1912

Titanic taken by Fr BrowneThere have been a number of conspiracy theories which originated in America and accuse the Jesuits of schemes against the US government.  Perhaps the most bizarre of these concerned the conspiracy to sink the Titanic. 
The Jesuits and a group of US financiers supposedly plotted the sinking in order to do away with certain enemies to their scheme to set the Federal Reserve. These included Benjamin Guggenheim, Isador Strauss and John Jacob Astor who all perished on the Titanic. 

There was a 32 year old Irish Jesuit scholastic on board the Titanic.  He had been given the present of a ticket by a relative to travel from Southampton to Queenstown, Ireland.  Famously he took many photographs in his short time on board.  According to the theory, Browne was the “Jesuit Master” of Captain Edward Smith, also in on the plot, and commanded him to sink the ship by driving it into an iceberg.  Browne had been invited to remain on the ship to New York as the guest of some American passengers.  His request for permission was met by a telegram saying GET OFF THAT SHIP –PROVINCIAL.  Conspiracy theorists suggest this demonstrated wide knowledge of the plot among Jesuits.  They also offer in evidence the fact that the Federal Reserve was successfully set up in 1913.  They suggest that the outbreak of the First World War in 1914 was the culmination of the plot, for which the funds supplied by the Federal Reserve were a necessary prelude.

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