Six weeks of Ignatius in Spain

As Jesuits throughout the world prepare to celebrate the Feast of St Ignatius Loyola on Thursday (31 July), the team at the Centre of Spirituality at the Cave of St Ignatius in Manresa (Spain) have issued details of a six week course entitled The Ignatian Charism For The World Of Today. Geared to the broad Ignatian family (Jesuits, members of other religious institutes and lay people), it will run from the middle of April until the end of May 2015.

The course will start by looking at the personal experience of Ignatius, the pilgrim, an experience which sheds light on how people come to grow in Christian life. Then, after an eight-day individually guided Ignatian retreat, participants will study the Spiritual Exercises from various angles.

An overview of Ignatius' oeuvre will culminate in a study of the Jesuit ‘Formula of the Institute’ and of the Constitutions. The course will conclude with sessions on the theology and spirituality which flow from the life and teachings of Ignatius, and with an analysis of the various projects for Christian living which continue to emerge from Ignatian spirituality.


Lectures will take place alongside personal study and an on-going dialogue aimed at helping participants to integrate their various experiences. An important part of the method will be to live in a place where Ignatius himself spent an important part of his life (Manresa) and visit various other Ignatian sites (Montserrat, Loyola, Javier). It is hoped that in this way the study will be vivid and contextualised. This quality of spiritual experience will be a constant theme throughout the course as will appropriate times of prayer and Eucharistic celebration.

“The Ignatian charism has clearly a valuable contribution to make to Christian life in our world today,” says Fr José García de Castro SJ, a member of the Ignatian Spirituality Team of Southern Europe. “This course provides an opportunity to study the legacy of Ignatius of Loyola in some depth, both as an inspiration for authentic Christian living in contemporary society and Church, and as a means for the spiritual formation of individuals and groups.”

The Ignatian Charism For The World Of Today in Manresa will run from Sunday 19 April to Sunday 31 May 2015. Follow this link for more details.