St Aloysius’, Glasgow organises day trip to Largs

St Aloysius’, Glasgow organises day trip to Largs
St Aloysius’, Glasgow organises day trip to Largs

St Aloysius’ church organised a ‘trip away day’ to Largs on the Ayrshire coast, for ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages) students, spouses and children on Tuesday 4th July.

Fr Tim Curtis SJ, who will be leaving St Aloysius in October for Stonyhurst, hired a coach for the outing which transported 36 students who were asylum seekers and refugees.

The students had not been to the seaside before and were keen to discover the sea shores of Scotland, as well as enjoy the fresh summer breeze, magnificent sights and a range of fun activities.

They also took a tour around the Viking Centre and learnt about the country’s history.



Speaking on how the trip went, the office manager, Alison Fletcher said:

“The Viking Centre was excellent, the ESOL students and children loved it – the group I was with were carried away with trying on the Viking outfits, helmets, swords and shields and taking photos!  We had to hurry them along or we would have been there all day!  I will write to the Viking Centre to thank them for their generosity in donating the tours.”

Fr Tim Curtis SJ recently announced t and although he has about four months left to go, many members of the Parish have best wishes and gratitude.

According to Alison, Fr Tim has been a ‘driving force and a great help and support’ in setting up and developing the ESOL classes.

ESOL classes were set up in April 2016 and are run by volunteers who teach students English from Monday to Friday.

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