St Anselm's Parish

St Anselm's Rectory
The Green
United Kingdom

St Anselm's Parish in Southall is a multi-cultural Catholic community in West London (Archdiocese of Westminster). Since 2001, the Jesuits have sought to witness to the faith in this area of some deprivation and considerable cultural and religious diversity. Apart from a wide variety of Christian churches, within the bounds of the parish are some ten Sikh gurdwaras, four mosques, three Hindu temples and a Buddhist vihara, not to mention many more informal places of worship. In addition to all the normal pastoral needs of a large, thriving Catholic community – liturgy and prayer, catechesis and instruction, pastoral visiting and support – St Anselm’s attends to the special demands of life in such a pluralist environment. The presence of large communities of faith, notably but not exclusively from the Indian sub-continent, is regarded as an opportunity to work for the common good of all the people of this town through a deepening of faith and a greater knowledge of God.

Parish Priest: Fr Gerard Mitchell SJ

Tel. 020 8574 3300


Mass times:
Sundays: 6.30pm(Sat), 9am, 11am (sung), 6.30pm
Holydays of Obligation: 9.15am, 12.15pm, 7.30pm
Monday to Friday: 9.15am
Saturday: 12.00 noon

Saturday, 11am - 12 noon, or at other times by request.