St Beuno's Jesuit Spirituality Centre has reopened with offline and online retreats

St Beuno’s has opened its doors, both real and virtual, to offer individually guided retreats both online and at our spirituality centre in North Wales. 


This is still a time of uncertainty for so many, and in an individually guided retreat, a spiritual guide can support you as you explore what is important for you and where God is for you in this time. For those who are unable to make the journey to St Beuno’s we are making our retreats available online to people at home.

For more information about the online restreats being run this autum / winter please click here. 

Personal spiritual direction

Each retreatant will have their own retreat guide or ‘spiritual director’ with whom you will meet each day, and who will help you to focus, reflect and discern. Whether you are at home or in St Beuno’s, you will have a daily 30-40 minute direction session. 

Attending a retreat at St Beuno’s

For those who can make the journey, the beautiful, rural setting of St Beuno’s provides a still and sacred place that is conducive to prayer. These retreats are held in silence. There is celebration of the Eucharist and half-an-hour of Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament for communal silent prayer period available each day. 

The retreat begins at 6.30pm on the first day, (bedrooms are available from 4pm). Please try to arrive between 4pm and 5pm to have time to settle in.  The retreat finishes after breakfast on the last day.

Attending an online retreat 

The retreat begins with an introductory meeting with your director via Zoom after which you will meet your director daily for the duration of your retreat. We have lots of digital resources to help you pray at home, and you will be able to join daily Mass in Oxford or Farm Street online as part of your retreat.

The retreat begins at 7:30pm on the first day with an introductory meeting via Zoom, after which you will meet with your director and agree times for individual meetings which will begin the following day. Online retreatants will meet together as a group with your retreat director on the first evening as you would if you were attending at St Beuno’s. We have lots of digital resources to help you to pray at home, and you will be able to join daily Mass in Oxford or Farm Street online as part of your retreat.

A chance to make a change 

Our individually guided retreats are based on the Spiritual Exercises and the Ignatian tradition and offer you the space to pray and to reflect on your life, to consider the decisions you have to make, and the priorities you want to set. Whether you are an absolute beginner and are not sure where to start, or whether you simply want to take some time out from a busy, full life for some quieter reflection, our retreats offer you the time and opportunity to pay attention to God and to be more aware of God’s work in your life.

Earlier this year, a group of young adults from St Anselm’s parish in Southall came to St Beuno’s for a retreat and came away feeling a major change in the way they think about prayer: 

Valentina: “Connecting to God through nature was a new and unforgettable experience – to pray in the gentle quietness of my heart, rather than moving and singing.”

Lynette: “I found the time to absorb God’s word and to let the spirit work its magic, the time to mould the clay, to grasp the pencil and write psalms.”

Christopher: “I realised I don’t need to kneel down to pray.”

Charmagne: “I am more productive, spend time studying the gospel and joyfully participate in Mass. I now take more time noticing nature: the art of God’s work. I appreciate the slightest breeze that blows against my face, imagining it is the Lord’s way of hugging me.”

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