St Ignatius College

St Ignatius College
Turkey Street
United Kingdom

St Ignatius College in Enfield, Herts, provides a Catholic education in the Jesuit tradition for boys aged 11-18. Originally founded in 1894 and based in Stamford Hill, the College was set up to serve young men in North East London. It has been on the Enfield site since 1968. The school has an excellent reputation for its exam results and for nurturing a community that fosters an understanding of the Catholic faith and the value of learning. St Ignatius College has an extensive programme of moral and spiritual development that encourages its pupils to go out into the community to serve others. This is particularly evident in its links with St Ignatius Prep and Primary School, Dodoma, Tanzania, which allow staff and students to work with the students and community in the central Tanzanian city of Dodoma.

Acting Head: Mr Andrew Dickson

Tel. 01992 717835