The Star Still Shines: prayer resources for refugees

The Star Still Shines: resources from JRS-UK
The Star Still Shines: resources from JRS-UK

The Jesuit Refugee Service in the UK has compiled a selection of prayers, liturgies and reflections for Advent, Christmas, Epiphany and beyond. The new pack, entitled The Star Still Shines, has been issued in response to the many parishes and individuals who have been in touch with JRS-UK asking what they can do to respond to the needs of refugees at this time.

“Sometimes we can provide materials goods to help someone,” says Kate Monkhouse from JRS-UK. “Other times we can make a financial donation or join advocacy efforts. We can always pray or spend time in solidarity with refugees and forced migrants who need to know that they are not alone in their journey towards hope or safety. We have put together a selection of writings and liturgy as ideas for a short service for your own use or with a group or parish.”

Hope and faith give people resilience

The Star Still Shines includes prayers that have been compiled by author and editor, Geoffrey Duncan, with friends who have given their permission for their contributions to be included in the pack. "I have always been fortunate to have friends and colleagues from around the world,” says Geoffrey. “I believe that people need to have the opportunities to appreciate and enjoy various cultures, along with the arts and languages … Every person is valuable and deserves respect with kindness. This has helped me provide writings which I hope will give other people the wish to relate positively to all people. These spiritual poems and prayers are offered to share and use during Advent, Christmas, Epiphany and beyond as the refugees we have come to know continue to journey towards hope."

JRS-UK’s Director, Louise Zanré, believes that spiritual support is an important element in refugees’ lives. “Refugees always hope to find safety and protection,” she says. “And hope along with faith gives a resilience to people to help them overcome obstacles and dangers.”

The liturgical resources can be used at any time but it is suggested they can be used specifically on the World Day of Refugees and Migrants, Sunday 17 January 2016. To order a pack, call JRS-UK on 020 7488 7310. Packs can also be downloaded from the JRS-UK website.