Student Film Award Winner 2015 launches new film

Neverland Film poster
Neverland Film poster

Just over 12 months ago Robyn Forsythe entered the Insight Student Filmmaker Award with a phenomenal synopsis for a film called Never Land, asking ‘Amidst the shouting of uninformed opinions, it is near impossible to understand what the facts really are about global warming. What is the truth? Is it too late? And where does faith fit in amongst all this?’

Never Land follows 9-year-old Noah in Boscastle, who is terrified of rising sea levels and wakes up one day to find the whole world flooded. The film delicately opens up the important discussion of environmental issues, as well as asking where faith fits in – not only when it comes to global catastrophes, but in our lives.

The Insight panel was unanimous that Robyn should win the Award in 2015 and last summer Robyn took her all-expenses-paid 6 week internship in Hollywood with Loyola Productions. On winning the prize, Robyn said,
“The placement with Loyola Productions will help me to gain the skills necessary to produce this film to the best of my ability and create a finished piece of work that can be shown to audiences worldwide. I want to bring Noah’s understanding of faith to audiences, opening up a discussion and proclaiming the message that “The Truth is Out There’”

A year on and June 2016 is a very exciting time for Robyn and everyone at Insight. Award-winner Robyn her team celebrated completing their Never Land film with a screening for friends, family, cast and everyone who helped make it happen through crowd funding.
The crowd gathered at the Rich Mix in Shoreditch were not disappointed. This short film is simply outstanding, with effects that had everyone wondering “how did they do that?”

A presentation of ‘the golden taps’ followed the screening, honouring the brilliant performances from the children acting in the film, Llewy Godfrey and Emmy Marriott and an Award for scriptwriter, Anna Houghton. The film also stars Marcus Brigstocke, Keeley Hawes and John Nettles.

Anyone who has met Robyn knows that she has an amazing ability for making things happen:
“When I saw the script, I knew I had to help make the film,” was a stand-out statement from Robyn at her Insight interview.
“We’re so pleased that all the cast came to the screening and it was brilliant to have it at the Rich Mix. Six months ago I was sat on a panel watching other peoples’ films and on a panel at an Insight night at the Rich Mix- this time it was our film. We’d like to thanks everyone for their support in making this happen,” said Robyn.

The Insight Student Filmmaker Award exists to encourage new filmmakers to make films exploring faith. The Award is supported by the Jesuits in Britain and is currently in its third year and the prize is a 6-week all expenses paid internship with Loyola Productions in Hollywood.

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Story by Marianne Knowles