Talk: Theology of grace

Professor Michael Barnes SJ gives a talk on the theology of grace

Waiting on Grace: a Theology of Dialogue

This is an introduction to a new book. In earlier books on interreligious relations I use the phrase ‘theology of dialogue’ to encapsulate my central conviction, that there is more to dialogue than a way of Christian witness appropriate to a pluralist world. Dialogue has something to do with God.  Waiting on Grace seeks to examine critically the conviction that in some mysterious way God is always encountered in any honest and respectful meeting of persons.  Instinctively that sounds right.  But how to articulate it with theological integrity?

All welcome. Entry is free.

Wednesday, January 30, 2019 - 18:15
Convent parlour
Digby Stuart College
Roehampton University
SW15 5PU
United Kingdom