Tanner’s Church History translated in Urdu

New Short History of the Catholic Church in Urdu: book launch
New Short History of the Catholic Church in Urdu: book launch

New Short History of the Catholic Church by Fr Norman Tanner SJ has been translated into Urdu. First published in 2011 by Continuum, the book has then been re-issued in paperback by Bloomsbury in 2014 in English and further versions in other languages have been published since.

The new Urdu edition was launched in early March in Karachi, Pakistan. Fr Gulshan Barkat OMI (in the photo, in the middle) is the translator of the book. Of Pakistani origin, he studied at the Gregorian University in Rome, where Dr Tanner supervised his Licence thesis.

A considerable help for Gulshan with the work of translation has been Fr Robert McCulloch IC (pictured on the left), who has worked for many years in Pakistan as a missionary. Also present at the launch was Bishop Benny Travas of Multan, Pakistan (on the right). The publication was possible thanks to the financial generosity of the British Jesuit Province.

Fr Tanner flew to Rome to attend the book launch on the 14th March at the Colomban house in Corso Trieste. The event was organised and hosted by Fr Robert McCulloch.

The book launch in Rome

"I was glad to return to Rome in March – says the author - for the launch of the Urdu translation of New Short History of the Catholic Church, following the presentation of the book earlier in the month in Karachi, Pakistan. I'm very grateful to all those who worked on the translation and publication of the book and to the British Jesuit Province  for their financial generosity which made the publication possible."

The book chronicles and condenses the complex and fascinating history of the Catholic Church into less than 250 pages, tracing the events of the Christian people from Pentecost to the present day. Fr Tanner, Jesuit historian of the British Province, was Professor of Church History at the Gregorian University in Rome and now lives with the Jesuit community in Bournemouth.

The seven versions of the book now available are:
- English (original) "New Short History of the Catholic Church" (London and New York: Bloomsbury, 2011 and pbk 2014)
- Italian, "Nuova breve Storia della Chiesa Cattolica" (Brescia: Editrice Queriniana, 2012)
- Slovenian, "Kratka zgodovina katoliske Cerkve" (Ljubljana: Druzina, 2013)
- Japanese (Tokyo: Kyo Bun Kwan, 2013)
- Polish, "Krotka historia Kosciola katolickiego: Nowe spojrzenie" (Cracow: Wydawnictwo WAM, 2016)
- Spanish, "Breve historia de la Iglesia catolica" (Loyola: Sal Terrae, 2017)
- Urdu (Karachi: CatholicBooks, 2018)