Update from Nepal: centre for creative women’s community

The Nepal earthquakes of April 2015 killed nearly 9000 people and left many more without basic amenities.  Many of our supporters responded generously to an appeal by Jesuit Missions and funds were sent to the Nepalese Jesuits who were working directly with many of those affected.

The Nepal Jesuit Social Institute (NJSI) has sent an update for its supporters on a new milestone in its reconstruction efforts, this time with the Danuwar community.  The Danuwar is one of 400 tribal groups within Nepal, mainly subsisting on rice farming. 

The long-awaited activity centre for the Danuwar women was completed and handed over at Jaretar in eastern Nepal. The population of Danuwars is estimated to be about 3434. A female support group organised by women for women is called the ‘Jartar Creative Women’s Community’.

NJSI has been actively working with these women since the devastating effects of the earthquake in 2015. The NJSI develops various livelihood and income generating skills like soap, candle and bread making. Before the activity centre was built, the women used to gather underneath the big banyan tree nearby and used the vegetable collection centre for their training. Soon there will be opportunities to participate in tailoring training courses and advanced soap making courses which will enable the community to diversify their income and improve living standards and skills.

The women in the group are happy with the activity centre and look forward to engaging in more training planned by NJSI. The programme will also include para legal training opportunities to encourage the women to stand up for their rights. NJSI are planning to include more women in the team.

Jesuit Missions is committed to helping the people of Nepal rebuild what they lost in the 2015 earthquakes.