Community Life

What sustains a Jesuit in his life?

Novitiate community, September 2014

Novitiate community, September 2014.

  • Daily Eucharist where we receive Christ who gives himself totally to us so that we  might give ourselves totally to him and to those to whom we are sent
  • Personal prayer with a special emphasis on the prayer of recollecting the experience of the day (the Examen prayer) so as to unite ourselves more closely with God in the  midst of life
  • An annual eight day silent retreat which allows us to nurture our personal relationship with God and to reflect on our lives
  • Life in community. We are friends in the Lord, and in community life we seek to support one another through our companionship
  • Friendship with the men and women with whom we work. Our working collaboratively with others is a great enrichment of our lives, and the support of our colleagues is a wonderful gift
  • A life of service in which we receive so much from those we serve, especially from those who are poorest who so often teach us what it is to have faith
  • Interaction with the world around us. Our spirituality is ‘rooted in a positive, amicable and joyous relationship with the world’ (P.H. Kolvenbach). Jesuits find delight and beauty in art and music, sport and current affairs, in scientific research and so much more.
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