Companions of Jesus

At the heart of the Jesuit Vocation is a deep personal love for Jesus Christ. And who is Jesus Christ, for us?

As encountered in the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius Loyola, he is:

  • Our companion with whom we speak, as one friend to another
  • The humble Lord who attracts us to his service
  • The suffering one who gives us compassionate hearts
  • The Risen Jesus who shares with us his joy

Icon of the Appearance of the Risen Jesus to his Mother - Loyola Hall

What unites us as Jesuits is Christ and the desire to serve him ... Jesuits know who they are by looking at him.

When St. Ignatius and his companions began to be asked who they were, they decided that the only name that they should take was that of Jesus Christ 'seeing that they had among themselves no other superior except Jesus Christ whom alone they desired to serve'.

Do you feel that Jesus is calling you into a deeper friendship? Might you find in his companionship the meaning of your life in the way that Fr. Derrick Maitland SJ clearly has.

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