Water supply to be restored to earthquake-hit village in Nepal

The 5-km waterpipe for villagers in Nepal is being restored by NJSI
The 5-km waterpipe for villagers in Nepal is being restored by NJSI

It has taken more than 18 months, but the people in Chapadi village of Rakathum VDC, Nepal, are finally on the point of getting their water supply restored.

Since a 7.8 magnitude earthquake hit Nepal on 25 April 2015, the Nepal Jesuit Social Institute (NJSI) has been actively involved in relief and rehabilitation work. Supported by Jesuit Missions around the world, including our own in Britain, it has concentrated its efforts on supporting the building and rebuilding of schools, hostels, houses and women’s shelters in several districts in the country. But there were other basic needs too that the Jesuits and their co-workers needed to address.

The people of Chapadi village had to cope with a shortage of drinking water, as the water sources dried up after the earthquake. The NJSI made an assessment to fix the five-kilometer water pipeline but the work had to be suspended earlier this year as the pipe was going through the fields.

However, the harvesting season in this region of Nepal is now over and NJSI has this week been able to continue the project of fixing the water pipeline, meaning that very soon the Chapadi village in Ramechhap district will once again have water to drink.

Many thanks to all Jesuit Missions supporters who have made such projects possible.