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Austen Ivereigh - To Discern and Reform The ‘Francis Option’ for Evangelizing A World In Flux

In the years since Pope Francis was elected in 2013, Austen Ivereigh has become one of the foremost expositors of his thought writing in English. Here he presents his conviction that the Pope’s outlook ‘offers a captivating recovery of the radically pastoral direction set by the Second Vatican Council’

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Helen Berry - What the Future Holds: Current Issues for the Next Generation

Helen Berry has worked for two decades with young people in higher education. Her contribution to the St Beuno’s conference singled out a number of specific issues of particular concern to those with whom she works, analyzing them in the context of the kind of fear that she believes characterizes the present era.

Robert E. Doud - Process Morality and Catholic Morality

Robert Doud is a regular contributor to The Way. He responds to our ‘world in flux’ by suggesting that traditional Roman Catholic moral teaching is compatible with a ‘process’ perspective which emphasizes the importance of relationship and of fidelity to commitments.

John MoffattFive challenges to discerning the good in a complex world

Our complex world presents challenges when we have to make decisions, particularly collective decisions. John Moffatt here presents five ideas for thinking about why this should be so, in the hope that by understanding the potential obstacles more fully, we can refine the discernment process needed.

Philip ShanoMovements of the Spirits in a World in Flux

Philip Shano’s article starts by considering what it means to live in a state of flux, by contrast with a peaceful stability that may well be wholly beyond our grasp. Ignatius of Loyola, he argues, lived in just such a state, and the Spiritual Exercises, drawn up on the basis of his experience, offer tools for addressing the challenges that a world in flux presents.

Damian Jackson - Prayer and Outreach in North Wales

Damian Jackson is a Jesuit who has been part of the team at St Beuno’s Jesuit spirituality centre for many years. His particular concern is with a programme aiming to support the mainly rural parishes of North Wales. Here he describes how this work has evolved, especially through helping lay-people to develop strong lives of prayer.

Michael Kirwan - Swearing, Blaspheming, Wounding, Killing, Going to Hell …. The World, as Seen and Heard by Ignatius

The conference at St Beuno’s started by taking a close look at the contemporary world. At the start of the Second Week of the Spiritual Exercises, Ignatius invited the retreatant to see the Trinity doing the same thing. Michael Kirwan explores some of the consequences of adopting this starting-point for prayer and reflection.

Stephen Noone - Our Growth and Our Freedom: New Approaches to Mental Well-Being

Drawing on his experience of working as a clinical psychologist, Stephen Noone here considers how a range of newer psychological therapies involving meditation techniques can lead to a better understanding of human vulnerability and the promotion of well-being and flourishing.

James Menkhaus - Generosity, Relationship and Imagination for a World in Flux

Large-scale immigration is a characteristic of our ‘world in flux’, and is often viewed primarily as a problem in need of solution. Using the example of Mexicans seeking work in the United States, James Menkhaus considers how three insights derived from the Spiritual Exercises might promote a more just response to this situation.

Kenneth Overberg - Wisdom for the Long Term

It can be argued that two issues above all threaten the long-term security of the human race: nuclear weapons and environmental destruction. For more than fifty years successive popes have addresses these concerns, building up a substantial body of social teaching. Kenneth Overberg summarises the key insights to be found here.

Nikolaas Sintobin - The Two Standards and Ignatian Leadership

In his mediation on the Two Standards in the Spiritual Exercises Ignatius explores two dynamics operating in the world, one promoting evil and the other good. Nikolaas Sintobin traces their effects on possible approaches to leadership through interior monologue.

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