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Oscar Momanyi - Finding God in South Sudan and the United States of America

Gerónimo Nadal, an early member of the Society of Jesus, said of the Jesuits 'the world is our house'. Still today, many Jesuits travel between cultures, looking to Ignatian spirituality for tools to help them adjust and adapt. Oscar Momanyi compares insights gleaned from his experience of two very different cultures, those of South Sudan and of the United States of America.

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Magdalena Randal - Spirit Painting
It is said that as church attendance has waned in recent decades, for many people art has filled the space formerly occupied by religion, that space where the most important matters in life can be contemplated. Yet art and religion are themselves closely involved, and Magdalena Randal here describes her own experience of encountering God's Spirit through paintings.

Helen Orchard - Reachign Equipoise: The Relationship between Indifference and Discernment in the Spiritual Exercises
According to Helen Orchard the word indifference can conjure up 'connotations of cool disengagement or even boredom'. Yet, as used in St Ignatius' Spiritual Exercises, it implies rather a prerequisite for that passionate search for God's will which is the process of discernment. This article traces the connection between these two foundational concepts of spirituality.

Brian Purfield - Return to Galilee
After the discovery of the empty tomb, the disciples were told only that they must go to Galilee. Brian Purfield believes that this is an instruction relevant to Christians today, because they are in the same place as the disciples: 'after the resurrection but before the return, entrusted with a message that is wonderful, but the import of which we do not quite understand.'

Iona Reid-Dalglish - The Risen Christ, the Consoler
In the second of our Easter-related articles shared from the British Jesuits' online journal, Thinking Faith, Iona Reid-Dalglish considers the ways in which the risen Christ can be met in the midst of everyday living. For her, it is this encounter alone that enables contemporary Christians to continue to live lives of discipleship.

Patrick Goujon - A Pedagogy of Consolation
In recent decades, the spirituality of St Ignatius of Loyola has found rather different expressions in English-, Spanish- and French-speaking milieu. In a translation from his recent book Les conseils de l‘Ésprit. Lire les lettres d'Ignace de Loyola, Patrick Goujon explores the kind of advice Ignatius gave to those seeking to make decisions through a close reading of one of his letters.

Teresa White - Walking
Walking has become, over the last few years, the physical exercise of choice, at least for those who avoid anything more vigorous. It has also been, as Teresa White demonstrates here, a spiritual practice for centuries, in forms as diverse as treading the contemplative path of a labyrinth to joining the crowds on a long-distance pilgrimage.

Nancy Enright - Hopkins, Nature, and Laudato Si
Nancy Enright's article introduces a new strand of Way articles, Our Common Home, for writing that explores the Christian duty to care for our environment. She offers a reading of the nature poetry of Gerard Manley Hopkins in the light of Pope Francis's ecological encyclical of 2015, Laudato Si'.

Kirsty Clarke - Words and Silence: On Reading Revelations of Divine Love and The Cloud of Unknowing
'Mainstream Christianity, both ancient and modern, has consistently privileged the word over its binary opposite, silence.' From this starting-point Kirsty Clarke considers two contrasting spiritual classics, the Revelations of Divine Love of Julian of Norwich and The Cloud of Unknowing, tracing the relationship between words and silence in each.


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