Young Adult ministry

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The Jesuits in Britain are committed to developing the faith life of young adults.  We run a range of retreats, discussion groups, special services, weeks of guided prayer, and social justice volunteering  opportunities.

Rooted in the Ignatian tradition we aim to provide opportunities for young adults (people aged 18-35) to experience Christ, understand Christ and ultimately live a life centred on Christ in our world. 

Young Adult Ministry Masses

The first Young Adult Mass began on Palm Sunday 2003 and the Jesuit founder was Fr. David Stewart SJ.  Since that time it has grown into a vibrant young adult community led by a dedicated team of lay ministers under the direction of Sr. Anouska Robinson-Biggin fcJ.  Since September 2012 it has been part of the Young Adult Ministry work at Mount Street Jesuit Centre.  In October 2014 we discerned to run a weekly Mass and as a result the young adult community continues to grow.  The Masses are held in Farm Street Church.

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In its most literal sense MAGIS means ‘the more’ and it is at the heart of Ignatian Spirituality.  St. Ignatius of Loyola felt the desire to do all ‘for the greater glory of God’.  In the Spiritual Exercises we are asked ‘What more can I do for Christ?’
MAGIS programmes are run for young people around the world, often in conjunction with World Youth Day.  Programmes follow five themes:

  • Gathering Together (Community)
  • Prayer/Liturgy
  • Practical Experience  known as Experiments
  • MAG+S Circle (Sacred Listening)
  • Personal Reflection.

Through these themes it is hoped the participants will each be able to recognise where God is at work in their lives and become more reflective, long after the MAG+S gathering has ended.
We have successfully taken part in MAGIS ’08, in Australia and MAGIS 20011 in Spain.   In 2013, a MAGIS event took place in Broadstairs, Kent before joining with the wider Church at WYD @ Home.   


We offer opportunities in London and Glasgow for people over 18 to give a few hours each week in service of the poor and marginalised, alongside opportunities for groups reflection.
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The Jesuits in Britain serve the Catholic chaplaincies in two major university cities: Oxford and Manchester.   This represents about 14,000 Catholic students.

Manchester Universities’ Catholic chaplaincy website

Oxford University Catholic chaplaincy website

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