From the Archives: Sport photographs

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Black and white photograph showing young men in matching shorts and t-shirt standing in a row outside in a field. One holds a football.


In the lead up to the start of the Olympic Games in Rio on 5 August 2016 we would like to share some old photographs that are held in the Jesuits in Britain Archives showing Jesuits enjoying various sporting activities. 

Sepia photograph of young men with bicycles

Sepia photograph of a group formally posing with some golf clubs being held.

Black and white photograph showing a group of men resting in the countryside with some walking sticks in view.

Sepia photograph of a sailing boat along another and two men appear to be passing across whilst others sit in the sailing boats. They seem to be in a harbour. A bridge and some hilss are visible in the background

Black and white photograph of group of men outdoors with some fishing rods next to a body of water.

Sepia photograph of men playing hockey in a field

Sepia photograph of two men facing each other with their bare fists up

Sepia photograph of group sat and standing in an official manner with one holding a football.

Black and white photograph of men standing in a line with a football goal in background. One holds a ball and another leans against the goal post.

Sepia photograph of a group of men with clerical collars and without standing posing in front of a pavillion.

Black and white photograph of small group of men sitting and standing together in an open field in cricket whites.