Advent concert raises funds for SFX and Liverpool's homeless

Jo Boyce & Friends at SFX in Liverpool
Jo Boyce & Friends at SFX in Liverpool

Christmas concert-goers at St Francis Xavier’s Church in Liverpool (SFX) have supported a local initiative for homeless people, as well as raising funds for the church's own ministry in the city, with an event to celebrate the Feast of their patron saint, St Francis Xavier. The SFX Advent and Christmas Concert featured Jo Boyce and Friends (CJM Music Collective); it was sponsored by the Jesuit Fund for Social Justice to help the parish raise much needed funds for the church to continue its ministry within the Liverpool City Centre.

“It was a great way to celebrate our Feast Day,” says Debbie Reynolds from SFX. “It was a wonderful concert with some very reflective and emotional Advent songs leading into a rousing sing-song of Christmas music!”'Reflective and emotional': Advent songs at SFX Liverpool

In addition to the £550 raised for the church from ticket sales, SFX was also able to donate £162 to the Whitechapel (Homelessness) Centre from the raffle which took place during the concert. Last year, the Whitechapel Centre worked with over 2,800 people - providing support and advice to local people facing housing hardships. It works with people who are sleeping rough, living in hostels or struggling to manage their accommodation. It is also committed to helping people find and maintain a home and learn the life skills essential for independent living.

CJM Music is committed to resourcing pastoral musicians, liturgical ministers, worship leaders, teachers and catechists, by engaging the skills of young people and serving the Church through the ministry of music and liturgy. It was founded when Jo (Joanne) Boyce and Mike Stanley (who died in 2013) decided to enter into music ministry full time and, after more than ten years, its work and reputation have firmly established it as part of the life of the Church in the UK.