Pray with the Pope throughout 2017

Unite yourself with the Pope in prayer throughout the year
Unite yourself with the Pope in prayer throughout the year

It is still not too late to order your 2017 Living Prayer Booklet that includes Daily Offerings, the Pope's prayer intentions, reflections and more for the year ahead. Beginning in January, only one prayer intention will be offered by Pope Francis, so that the second one can be topical or of current concern; but the format otherwise remains unchanged.

The Pope also now has a mobile application called Click To Pray, brought to you by the Pope's Worldwide Prayer Network (Apostleship of Prayer).  The app invites us to pray together with millions of others around the world for the Pope's monthly prayer intentions, which address current challenges facing humanity.  And because every day is different, the app offers a prayer 365 days a year to help us discover each day how God calls us to live.

Plans, projects and activities

The Living Prayer 2017 Booklet includes Pope Francis’ message for the Feast of the Sacred Heart whose love, he says, is limitless. "The Heart of the Good Shepherd reaches out to us, above all to those who are most distant," he writes. "There the needle of his compass inevitably points, there we see a particular 'weakness' of his love, which desires to embrace all and lose none. Contemplating the Heart of Christ, we are faced with the fundamental question of our life: Where is my heart directed? Our ministry is often full of plans, projects and activities: from catechesis to liturgy, to works of charity, to pastoral and administrative commitments. Amid all these, we must still ask ourselves: 'What is my heart set on, where is it directed, what is the treasure that it seeks?'"Join the Pope in prayer every day throughout 2017

The monthly prayer intentions from the Pope are accompanied by a reflection from Jesuits or their associates, including Sarah Teather of JRS UK, University Chaplain and Vocations Director, Sr Lynne Baron, and Fr David Stewart SJ, the National Director of the Pope's Prayer Network for Britain and various Jesuit ministries in London. The booklet is also visually attractive with a reflective photo for each month alongside the monthly liturgical calendar.

The Church and the world

The booklet includes

  • An explanation of the spirituality of the Pope’s Worldwide Prayer Network
  • Suggested forms of the Daily Offering
  • The monthly intentions of the Pope for the needs of the Church and the world
  • A brief reflection on the Pope’s Intention for each month
  • A calendar with the principal feast days and the gospel of each day’s Mass

Each month’s page may be detached and placed in your diary or prayer book for easy use

You can order your copy(ies) by emailing your requirements to Fr David Stewart SJ. Booklets cost £1.70 each plus postage & packing. It can also be downloaded.