Fund for Social Justice


The Jesuit Fund For Social Justice was  established in 1992 by the then Provincial of the British Jesuits. He intended the Fund to be at the disposal of Jesuits working in Britain in social justice ministry, and to enable other Jesuits to become involved in new social justice works. The Fund has supported Jesuits in many varied projects; refugee work, homelessness; reconciliation and much more.

Today the social justice work of the Society of Jesus in Britain involves more than Jesuits. Many lay men and women, employed and volunteers, based in our social projects, our schools, our parishes, our volunteering schemes and so on, play a full part in the social justice work of the Jesuits in this country.

Who Can Apply?

The Fund for Social Justice is available to anyone who is connected with the Society of Jesus in Britain today, either Jesuits themselves or those who work with the Society through schools, parishes, retreat centres, volunteering, etc.

The Fund is administered by a committee of  Jesuits and co-workers which meets four times each year to review applications and make small grant awards.

What is Available?

Grants are normally quite small, up to around £2000, so cannot usually cover salaries or big project funding. It is intended to help develop modest new projects and initiatives in works where the applicant is already involved. These may be one off, such as a field trip, computer equipment, flyer publication, etc, or they may be long term, such as establishment of a play scheme for refugee children. The Fund can be involved as a part-funder if more substantial funds are required. All eligible applications are considered.

If you are a Jesuit, a student, parishioner or worker in a Jesuit institution, or are involved in volunteering through a Jesuit organisation in Britain, perhaps the Fund for Social Justice is for you!

How Do I Apply?

An Application Form is available for download here.

Application form

You must also download the Guidlelines For Applications here.


E-mail address for further information:

Applications are considered three times a year. Closing dates are 1st February, 1st June and 1st October.

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