Jesuits & Friends - Summer 2024


July 5, 2024

In this issue of Jesuits & Friends...

04 What should be the priorities of the new UK government that will be elected on 4 July?

06 Adam Shaw and Paul Chitnis celebrate the international relationships that make Jesuit Missions' work possible.

08 Eastertide was the perfect time for Jesuits and lay partners to come together to reflect on their work, says Francis Murphy.

10 The alumni networks of the Jesuits in Britain's schools forge and nourish connections, writes John Green.

12 John Paul de Quay's equine take on the life of St John Ogilvie SJ gives us a new way to appreciate the martyr's story.

14 Rebecca Somerset and Naomi Hart tell us how they were able to share Jesuit history and knowledge with visitors to Farm Street.

16 Opportunities to work with the local community are a gift to JRS UK and their refugee friends, for which Dunstan Rodrigues SJ is grateful.

18 JRS UK's London Marathon runners finished the race with tired but full hearts.

20 If you're looking for a new way to envisage synodality, Susan Cawley shares an idea.

22 Michael Barrow SJ and Denis Blackledge SJ have fond memories of Campion House, Osterley.

23 A Jesuit connection to D-Day!

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