The Jesuit Fund for Social Justice (JFSJ)

The Fund represented a joint journey from reflection and understanding of the newly re-articulated ‘option for the poor’ to an invigorated engagement in solidarity action with the needy and excluded. This could happen by promoting a spirituality of justice through projects to tackle poverty and initiatives that advocated for social justice in our British contexts, with the necessary funding assistance coming from JFSJ. 

The priorities of JFSJ are today closely aligned with the four universal apostolic preferences, particularly those initiatives emanating from the Jesuit network that ‘walks alongside’ the marginalised in our society, and projects focused on caring for our common home, God’s creation. 

The Fund is administered by a committee of Jesuits and co-workers - all of whom share a passion for social justice in the Church. It meets three times each year to review applications and make small grant awards. Last year almost £100,000 was given out to projects that included work connected with the Amazon Synod in Rome with its renewed focus on Laudato Si’, educational and campaign materials on the ecological crisis and projects tackling fossil fuel extraction with beneficiaries including Operation Noah, the London Mining Network, and the ‘Journey to 2030’ group.

Aims of the Fund

The fundamental aim of JFSJ is to facilitate and encourage social action projects and initiatives directed to addressing the pressingissues of poverty, injustice and discrimination in Britain today.

Who Can Apply?

Anyone can apply who is connected with the Society of Jesusin Britain today, either Jesuits themselves or those who work with the Society through schools, parishes, retreat centres, volunteering, etc. JFSJ is also interested in supporting projects that might not have a direct link with the Society of Jesus, but seek to live out a faith that does justice in Britain – this could be in association with other religious orders, university chaplaincies, diocesan initiatives, etc.

What is on offer?

Most awards are one-off payments up to £5,000 for a single year and are intended to help develop modest new projects and initiatives in works where the applicant is already involved. Occasionally do we give more and for up to a maximum of three years. We do not fund salaries or core organisational costs. The awards may be one-off, such as a field trip, computer equipment, flyer publication, etc., or they may be long term, such as seed money for establishment of a play scheme for refugee children. The Fund can be involved as a part-funder if more substantial funds are required. All eligible applications are considered.

How Do I Apply?

Please first read the Fund Criteria, which is available for download below. Please e-mail completed applications to: Applications are considered three times a year. Closing dates are 1st February, 1st June and 1st October.

Membership of the Committee

The committee is made up of Jesuits and lay collaborators, each of whom has a passion for social justice and brings experience of different areas of church and justice. 

James Conway SJ
Julian Filochowski (Chair)
Paul Fletcher SJ
Megan Knowles
Debbie Reynolds (Secretary)
John Twist SJ