The Oxford University Catholic chaplaincy

The Oxford University Catholic Chaplaincy not only provides space for students and staff to gather for events and social time but allows them to share faith and values which unite people in a profound way. Life at university can be filled with ups and downs. At the Oxford University Catholic Chaplaincy, you will find a home and a place of rest. The Chaplains are always delighted to meet with students who stop by, the library provides space for study amongst friends, and the Chapel is always open for quiet prayer.

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Manchester Universities Catholic chaplaincy

The Catholic Manchester Universities Catholic Chaplaincy is an oasis on the pilgrimage of life where friendships are made and community is built. Here, students can find opportunities to volunteer to serve others, and find accompaniment & guidance in exploring and deepening their faith, especially through prayer, liturgy, and the sacraments. This chaplaincy is a thriving community from all over the world with study space, free food, & free Wi-Fi. It is a home from home while you study.

The University of Birmingham Multi-Faith Chaplaincy

The University of Birmingham Multi-Faith Chaplaincy is an inclusive space for prayer, meditation and worship. The centre is staffed by a number of faith chaplains from different religions: Fr Kensy Joseph SJ is one of four Christian chaplains based here.

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