Study in the UK

The British Jesuits welcome Jesuits from other Provinces who would like to study in Britain. There are excellent opportunities for undergraduate, postgraduate studies and professional training at some excellent academic and training institutions. Some of the world’s best universities are in Britain including Oxford University, Cambridge University, Imperial College London and University College London.

Jesuit Communities

We recommend that a Jesuit studies near a Jesuit community where they will live and have the support of their local Superior and brother Jesuits. In practice this means that we suggest that you look for places of study that are in or near to.

There are other possibilities, but these locations are a good place to start.


Finding a course

To start we recommend that you look for places of study near to Jesuit communities. You can get information about universities and courses here:

We also recommend that you contact the Provincial’s Delegate for Overseas Jesuits in Formation at an early stage ifyou are considering studying here.

Campion Hall, Oxford University

Campion Hall is the Jesuit Hall in the University of Oxford, and welcomes applications from accomplished students for places at the university. More details can be found here. Please get in touch with Campion Hall early if you are considering applying to Oxford.

  • London

  • Oxford

  • Birmingham

  • Glasgow

  • Edinburgh

Support for Overseas Jesuits studying in Britain

Each Jesuit will be supported by their local Superior and ideally will live in a Jesuit community. In addition, the Delegate for Overseas Jesuits in Formation organises an Induction Day in the autumn for those arriving in the UK, and will meet with each Jesuit individually in the first few months of the academic year. Additionally, there is a residential meeting just before or after Christmas for overseas Jesuits in Formation.  

The British Province welcomes requests for bursaries, scholarships or other financial support from Jesuits considering studying here.

UK universities offer some of the best programmes for my research

It is a great place to meet people from different backgrounds with different perspectives

The cultural opportunities – museums, art galleries, and music - have broadened my horizons

This is a great place to be formed and prepare for the universal mission

The British Province is very welcoming and supports our academic and spiritual life

Apostolic work

Every Jesuit will be encouraged to undertake ½ day to a fullday of apostolic work, ideally assisting in a ministry of the Jesuits in Britain.