‘He who carries God in his heart bears Heaven with him wherever he goes.’

St Ignatius of Loyola

How does it work?

The style of prayer used in Pray As You Go is based on the spirituality of St Ignatius of Loyola and is written and produced by Jesuits and other experts.

Although the content is different every day, it keeps the same basic format. Lasting less than 15 minutes, it combines music, scripture and some questions for reflection. Alternatively, you can pray with one of the longer meditations if you’ve got the time.

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Using the prayer and meditation tools of Ignatian Spirituality, you’re invited to reflect on scripture and experience the movements of the Spirit through our app, website or podcast.

What people are saying about Pray As You Go

‘Without Pray As You Go I’m not sure how I would have managed to survive these past 4 years. Covid-19 is one more challenge. I can’t thank you enough for all you do. God bless you.’ Unknown location

‘Pray as You Go has been my antidote since day one of lockdown. Every morning, I get up at 6 am to do my daily run and connect with nature. Covid did not stop me. I know that my morning run was also my time with Him, a reconnection, a dialogue, telling me to embrace the quietness, telling me to embrace the slowness of life and not having a packed schedule, telling me that everything will be ok.’ Montreal, Canada

‘I have been listening to it for a long time, almost 15 years, and it is such a source of comfort for me. It has accompanied me through the loss of my husband and the years of being a single mom that followed - and the coronavirus has me so unsettled and worried. I feel lost and alone. God bless you for your work. I am very grateful.’ Unknown location

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Praise for Pray As You Stay

‘’Pray As You Stay' is a wonderful programme at this time of lockdown, forced isolation and curfew. I admire the brilliance and creativity. It is indeed God-inspired. The Churches might be closed by decree but our Hearts will remain open to new ways of Spiritual nourishment. The programme brings us Peace and Consolation at these stressful moments.’ Nairobi, Kenya

‘Here in Brazil, we are in the same situation as England - quarantine. I would like to thank you all at Pray As You Stay and for the way you are giving us support in this difficult time with your new programs.’

‘I'm an Emergency Medical Technician for a local fire department and I thank you as a first responder for your latest prayer for health workers like myself as we are about to begin our shifts. Through the many trials I have seen in my life, your daily guides and prayers have been paramount in helping me either stay on course or help me get back on track.’ User of Pray As You Go’s prayers for health workers