Jesuits & Friends - Summer 2022


June 17, 2022

In this issue of Jesuits & Friends...


04 Military chaplain Andriy Zelinskyy SJ spoke to us about life on the frontline of the war in Ukraine.

06 Ukrainians displaced by the conflict are sadly not alone in their plight – JRS International supports refugees all over the world.

08 Pope Francis’ vision of peace can shape our prayer, thought and action, says Eddy Bermingham SJ.

10 Jesuit schools have responded to the Ukraine crisis in prayerful and creative ways, as Lynn McWilliams discovers.

12 John Paul de Quay shows us how suspicion plagued Ignatius when he reached Paris.

14 The Ignatian Year has enriched the life of the province, according to Ladislav Šulik SJ.

16 Where does Sophie Cartwright see an urgent need for reconciliation in Britain today?

17 Jasmine Husseini describes how JRS UK’s Hardship Fund helps refugee friends in urgent need.

18 It’s been an interesting few months to be an intern at the UN, as Harry Rawcliffe tells us.

19 David Harold-Barry SJ helped Lucy Gillingham to understand the historical context of the current work of Jesuit Missions.

20 Sophie Plumb sings the praises of a project supported by the Jesuit Fund for Social Justice.

22 Praying with the pope: Eddy Bermingham SJ

23 Obituaries.

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