Jesuits & Friends - Summer 2023


June 21, 2023

In this issue of Jesuits & Friends…


04 Vron Smith, Sarah Young and Thomas Horton describe projects bringing life to people behind and beyond prison walls.

07 Praying with the pope: Eddy Bermingham SJ.

08 A recent visit to Ethiopia left a lasting impression on Jesuit Missions’ Paul Chitnis.

10 John McManus reports on Fr General’s recent visit to the British Province.

12 The early Society of Jesus begins to take shape as we follow Ignatius’s life story, illustrated by John Paul de Quay.

14 Lucy Gillingham shares the transformative work being done by a Jesuit-run addiction programme in India.

16 The Jesuits bade found farewell to Liverpool at Easter – Ken Vance SJ looks back at the Society’s history in the city.

18 We must listen attentively to the stories of JRS UK’s refugee friends in immigration detention.

20 Tony O’Riordan SJ has been at the forefront of the earthquake response in Syria.

22 It was Jesuit Missions’ last London Marathon, and those who ran for them and for JRS UK gave it their all.

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