Jesuits & Friends - Winter 2022


November 8, 2022

In this issue of Jesuits & Friends...


04 Michael Lewis SJ and Brendan MacPartlin SJ describe the journeys on which Jesuits have accompanied the people of South Africa and Northern Ireland.

07 Pope Francis' approach to conflict calls us to acknowledge its reality, says Patrick Riordan SJ.

08 Amy-Leigh Hatton gives us a tour of a new JRS UK housing project.

10 The Jesuits have now left Corpus Christi, Boscombe, but only after helping to set hearts on fire, writes Michelle Ellison.

12 John Paul de Quay follows Ignatius to Jerusalem... or does he?

14 The Jesuit Fund for Social Justice is supporting those who have fled Ukraine - John McManus visits a central London welcome project.

16 A meeting of Jesuit brothers in Rome left Stephen Power SJ filled with hope for the future.

17 Paul Chitnis tells us what fuels his commitment to his work.

20 Jesuit school pupils got a taste of Pamplona, Manresa and Rome... in Derbyshire! Maria Neal reports.

21 Congratulations and thank you to all those who completed the London Marathon for JRS UK and Jesuit Missions!

22 Praying with the pope: Eddy Birmingham SJ.

23 Obituaries.

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