Conference: Women, Solidarity, and Ecology

May 19, 2021

Conference: Women, Solidarity, and Ecology

Hosted by the Laudato Si' Research Institute at Campion Hall, University of Oxford

Important update:

We have decided to waive all registration fees for those without institutional support to increase worldwide access to the conference. If you have institutional funding available, please register as suggested below to help defray our costs.

We are also working on making a Spanish translation available. Please contact us if this is something that would benefit you.


Date and schedule: 2 June (12:00-16:00 BST), 3 June (13:00-17:00 BST), 4 June (13:00-15:30 BST)

Speakers include: Linda Hogan, Anthony Bebbington, Catherine Keller, and more. A full list of panel presenters is available on the LSRI webpage here.


A multidisciplinary conference exploring the disproportionate impact of ecological degradation on women, with a special focus on environmental and gender injustice such as that arising from mining and other forms of extractivism.


Pope Francis’ encyclical Laudato Si’ points toward the importance of solidarity with the earth and the most marginalized in society by urging us to listen to the “cry of the earth” and the “cry of the poor.”  However, not enough attention is paid to both the disproportionate harm that women experience and their disproportionate protagonism in environmental activism and eco-social change.

The Women, Solidarity, and Ecology Conference intends to address this lacuna by exploring different facets of ecological devastation by integrating gender injustice in questions of social and environmental justice. The conference will specifically draw on the integral ecology paradigm as laid out in Laudato Si’. Integral ecology is not only deliberately transdisciplinary in perspective, but also incorporates philosophical and theological horizons. The wisdom from these traditions in turn provides a dialogical sounding board that may either challenge or reinforce secular societal assumptions that prevail in Western societies.  

The conference will examine case studies of those impacted by various forms of entangled environmental and gender injustice.

The conference aims to engage not only with those whose voices have been marginalised, but also to listen to those taking the lead in activist organisations at the forefront of eco-social transformation.

Conference Fee*

Standard: £75

Student:  £25

*Conference fee is waivedfor those without institutional funding available. When registering onEventbrite, please select the "Conference Fee Waived" option.


For more information and to register click here.

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