Finding God in tranquility and traffic

December 20, 2021

Julia Corcoran, a member of Magis@home, joined other young adults to swap busy London life for some sacred time of sharing, reflection, tears and laughter.

"The Jesuit Young Adult Ministries (YAM) team supports and accompanies two houses of young Catholic adults between the ages of 22-35. We have been living in Brixton as a community, following a twelve-month Ignatian formation programme called Magis@Home. This summer Fr James Conway SJ, Fr Dushan Croos SJ, and Shona Cahill took us to St Beuno’s Jesuit Spirituality Centre in North Wales to step away into nature, to find peace and quiet, to give space to hear the still, small voice within.
"We arrived at St Beuno’s after a six-hour journey and were greeted by Shona who took us up to the cottages that would be our home for the weekend. Although none of us knew quite what to expect of the next 48 hours, I felt a peace and knew that we were there for a reason..."

You can read the rest of this article in the winter edition of Jesuits & Friends here.

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