"I think young people can make an amazing contribution"

March 15, 2022

Fr Damian Howard, who leads the Jesuits in Britain, gave an interview to UCB News in which he talked about the new Jesuits in Britain Rutilio Grande & Companions Award which will recognise the often-overlooked work of clergy and religious who have driven real change in the field of social action and parish transformation, with special regard to young people.

Of the award, Fr Damian said:

“We’ve invested in an award to be given every year to a priest or a member of a religious order who supports that kind of work, giving it the priority and the energy that it needs to happen, because young people are the future of the Church. Young people have a very particular energy and vibrancy to offer the work of the Church, and it’s really important that we make sure we do everything we can to help their contribution to be made.
“I think young people can make an amazing contribution – I see extraordinary things going on, especially work done by schools. I think everybody realises today that in Britain, after austerity, and after the pandemic, we live in a very fractured society in which there are an awful lot of people at the margins who risk getting left behind, or of their needs ignored… I think young people these days are very passionate about social justice. They really care about the kind of society that we’re building, and they want a society that’s inclusive and fair. They don’t want a society that’s broken, that leaves people out.”

Fr Damian also spoke about the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine:

"At the moment we're struggling with the Government aren't we, to try and make sure there is some just admission for refugees from Ukraine into this country. I think we've got a shameful record at the moment."

To listen to the interview in full, please click here

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