Jesuit Missions UK is supporting schools in Rwanda

January 24, 2022

The Jesuit Urumuri Centre has its roots in the Jesuit missionary commitment to the propagation of faith and promotion of justice, and endeavours to help the poorest and those most in need.

With support from Jesuit Missions UK, the centre is providing schools in the region with crops to grow on repurposed land. Once the crops are harvested and sold, the profits will provide free school meals for the poorest pupils.

The centre has already selected 15 schools to take part and is rearing seedlings for fruit trees. Once the seedlings are ready, training manuals will be sent to teachers and pupils showing them how to continue growing the crops.

The centre is providing tomato, avocado, orange, papaya and passion fruit saplings, and each school will receive 400 fruit trees to grow. There will be 6,000 fruit trees in total for all 15 schools.

It is estimated that 100 children in each school will have access to meals because of this program.

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