Jesuit priest working in Syria shares news of ongoing earthquake impact

February 6, 2024

Father Tony O’Riordan is a Jesuit priest and Director of the Jesuit Refugee Service who is based Syria. In this interview with the BBC, he discusses the ongoing impact of the Turkey-Syria earthquake which struck exactly a year ago today, killing more than 50,000 people and injuring 100,000 others.

Commenting from his home in Aleppo, Fr Tony said:

“When the earthquake hit here just over a year ago, one of the significant impacts, apart from the collapsing buildings and the killing of thousands of people, was the impact on the psychological state of people because the earthquake was city-wide and shattered the sense of safety…”

To listen to the interview in full on BBC Sounds, please click here (the segment / interview starts at 17:35 in).

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