Praying for Ukraine this Holy Week

April 7, 2022

This year St Beuno's Outreach have chosen the words of Fr Henri Nouwen for their Holy Week leaflet which is written to help people pray through Holy Week. The images have been specially chosen to help us pray with and for the people of Ukraine and eastern Europe, by kind permission of the IconArt gallery in Lviv.

This year’s booklet is partly inspired by the reflections and prayers of the Dutch priest, Fr Henri J. M. Nouwen (d. 1996), widely regarded as one of the most influential spiritual writers of our time. His texts (in blue type) come from Show me the Way: Readings for Each Day of Lent (first published in 1993, with a series of later editions), but they also appear in other collections of his writings and are widely available online. The accompanying images are all associated with Ukraine. The photographs invite us to reflect on the terrible plight of its people, while the modern icons are the work of some of the young Ukrainian artists based at the Iconart Contemporary Sacred Art Gallery in Lviv (

St Beuno’s Outreach are really grateful to the Gallery for their generosity in allowing them to use the images here.

“We hope that this booklet will inspire you to stand with all the suffering people of eastern Europe this Holy Week, as we pray that the Lord will help us remain with him during his Passion, as he suffers for us and for all those caught up in unjust conflicts. ‘Bless me Lord in this Holy Week, and give me the grace to know your loving presence more intimately.”

- St Beuno’s Outreach team.

You can download the leaflet below.

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