Seeing all things new in Christ

December 19, 2021

Fr Arturo Sosa SJ, Superior General of the Society of Jesus, invites us to reflect on how, in this Ignatian Year in which we commemorate the conversion of St Ignatius, we are invited ‘to see all things new in Christ’; and on how the pandemic has opened opportunities for us to imagine and create a better world.

"When we were considering the theme for the Ignatian Year that we are now celebrating, one version was simply ‘seeing all things new’. It is an expression that Ignatius himself uses to express the effects of his conversion and the new understanding which lasted the whole of his life.
"However, ‘seeing all things new’ somehow felt incomplete. It really needed ‘in Christ’ because Christ is not only the source of this ‘newness’; Christ himself is the newness..."

You can read the rest of this article in the winter edition of Jesuits & Friends here

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