Things I Wish I Knew – a new podcast from Thinking Faith

July 20, 2023

Things I Wish I Knew – a new podcast from Thinking Faith

It can sometimes be hard to see God at work, or to feel God’s presence, particularly in the midst of what can turn out to be a life-changing situation. What if you looked back at an experience, however it turned out, and really tried to see where God was at work? Would it have changed anything if you could see that at the time? Does it change how you think about things now?

Each episode of Things I Wish I Knew asks those very questions. In often frank and revealing conversations, host Julia Corcoran accompanies a series of guests through major turning points in their lives, asking them what they wished they had known before they went through a formative experience – such as bereavements, career changes, family shake-ups and many more. In finding points of connection with their stories, you can benefit from their reflections on events that transformed them, which might prompt a change in you, too.

The podcast is inspired by a sixteenth century soldier-turned-saint, Ignatius of Loyola – the founder of the Jesuit religious order. He was committed to the idea of finding God in all things – in every sadness and joy, problem and opportunity. He challenges us to see that God is at work in our lives in every situation.  

Our first three episodes explore, variously, grief at the loss of a parent, the story of someone who was donor-conceived, and the journey of an actor who swapped treading the boards for life in a religious order. Listen to them on Apple Podcasts here and on Spotify here. Subscribe to hear each new episode as it comes out every week.   

Things I Wish I Knew is the podcast from Thinking Faith, the online journal of the Jesuits in Britain. Visit where you’ll find more resources about the themes raised in the podcast, as well as content to help you think about your faith and, through your faith, about the world around you.

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