Using our senses to be with Jesus this Holy Week

March 7, 2024

This year, St Beuno’s Outreach in North Wales invites us to focus on praying the events of Holy Week through making use of our five bodily senses: listening, smelling, seeing, touching, and tasting.

As Gemma Simmonds CJ explains in her article from Thinking Faith, St Ignatius of Loyola suggests that we can use our senses to aid our prayer, and so to come to know the Lord more intimately. Each day in Holy Week, St Beuno’s Outreach offer reflections to invite you to focus mostly on just one of your senses as you accompany the Lord during his last days (though of course, if the Spirit so guides, you may find yourself drawing on others). There is a range of Scriptural texts and images to help.

You can download the leaflet to print at home from the St Beuno’s Outreach website, or read the leaflet online.

In addition, the team at St Beuno’s Outreach will also be hosting a Zoom event entitled ‘Encounters in Holy Week’ on Monday 25th March at 7pm UK time. See their website for more details of how to join this.

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