We have entered the Smiley Charity Film Awards

December 22, 2023

Please vote for our film!

Every year over 400 charities, CICs and social enterprises of all shapes and sizes, representing all sorts of causes take part in the Smiley Charity Film Awards, which celebrate great film making that captures hearts and minds. Our film - 'The Servant' - focuses on a day in the life of a Jesuit priest working in a parish with lots of challenges.  

Serving the poorest in the parish

Dermot Preston is a Jesuit priest serving the parish and the poor in Newcastle. He says of the experience: "Britain has become a yet-more fragmented place with strikes and industrial action, but the poor cannot strike or withdraw their labour to make their absence felt – they cling on, watching somewhat helplessly, as the powers of this world push them about like corks in a fast-flowing river."

Please support our work helping those on the margins of society and vote for our film here.

Thank you.

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