We must act now to limit temperature rises and reduce our carbon emissions

September 9, 2021

People across the world, especially in poorer countries, are feeling the effects of climate change. As temperatures rise, so do the risks to health, livelihoods, food security, access to water, and economic growth.

We have a historic opportunity to help shape the future of our planet in Glasgow this November at the United Nations’ climate change conference, COP26.

As host, the UK government is working with leaders from around the world to agree a global action plan to respond to the climate emergency.

Jesuit Missions UK would like you to sign their petition to Boris Johnson demanding that he takes bold action to limit the rise in global temperatures (see wording below).

If you agree with this, please sign the petition by clicking here.


Dear Prime Minister,
Pope Francis has spoken of the “urgent need for politics and economics to enter into a frank dialogue in the service of life, especially human life.”
COP26 needs strong leadership to limit the annual global temperature rising above 1.5°C. In taking action, you will protect people, especially the poorest , from its devastating effects. We urge you to:
- Lead global action on reducing carbon emissions to ensure all countries commit to taking the action needed to limit global warming
- Stop funding the fossil fuel industry. No subsidies. No new oil and gas ventures
- Work with world leaders to meet your commitment in providing countries on the frontline of the climate crisis with $100 billion each year in climate finance
Be bold, Boris!

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