Hot off the press, the latest edition of Jesuits & Friends!

June 16, 2021

In this issue of Jesuits & Friends:

04 Jan Graffius and Hatty Magill celebrate the opportunities to see extraordinary historical artefacts in London this summer.

06 The Province’s parishes have been a source of life and joy for Michael Bossy SJ.

08 The proposed reforms to the asylum system are not person-centred, says Sarah Teather of JRS UK.

10 Mary O’Keefe invites us into conversations about masculinity that are happening at St Ignatius, Enfield.

12 We find Ignatius of Loyola in Manresa as John Paul de Quay tells the next part of the Jesuit founder’s story.

14 Attila Kulcsar meets the students and teachers of the ESOL group at St Aloysius, Glasgow.

16 You can answer the urgent call for climate action in your life, following an example being set in Madagascar by a Jesuit Missions partner.

18 David Smolira SJ outlines the steps being taken to improve safeguarding in the Church in England and Wales.

19 If you need advice on how to deal with austerity in your life, Mgr Malachy Keegan offers some thoughts.

20 This year’s Jubilarians are celebrating a total of 625 years of Jesuit life between them!

22 Find out which members of the Province will be moving this summer.

23 Praying with the pope: David Stewart SJ.

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