The Summer 2024 issue of The Way is out now

July 8, 2024

The Summer 2024 issue of The Way, the Ignatian Journal of Christian Spirituality published by the Jesuits in Britain, explores the theme of the body in spirituality.

In the Spiritual Exercises, St Ignatius is attentive to the body in prayer. He invites us to inhabit the Gospel not just through our thoughts and feelings but also through our posture, gestures and the senses. In this way we enter into a deeper relationship with Christ who has become human for us..

In the lead article by Timothy Radcliffe explores how the selfless gift of Christ in the Eucharist offers us a model for how to give our bodies to others in affective relationships: with freedom, compassion and forgiveness. You can download his article for free here. Meanwhile John Russel recounts the transformative experience of bodily prayer through posture, breath and intention. You can listen to a podcast interview with the between the author and the editor by tapping here.

The lives and writings of two female medieval mystics, Julian of Norwich and Margery of Kempe, offer an insight into how theological assumptions about the human body have shaped theology. Luke Penkett and Kirsty Clark explore their legacy. Several of the articles remind us of the importance of attentiveness to the bodily experience of those who have felt marginalised in the Church. If we are to recover a truly incarnated prayer then awareness of our own bodies is not enough. Frédérick Fornos and Véronique Marie Hervé along with Mariano Ballestar offer readings of the annotations to the Spiritual Exercises that give hints about how St Ignatius intended for us to help all of us encounter Christ in prayer.

For more information about the new issue tap here and to subscribe tap here or to order a single copy of the journal contact the assistant editor Ms Elizabeth Lock by tapping here.


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