We welcome the Chinese Catholic community

June 3, 2024

Archbishop Leo Cushley has asked Edinburgh Jesuit Church to provide a home for the Chinese Catholic community in Edinburgh and beyond

As Jesuits, we are delighted to do this – there is a centuries old tradition of Jesuits working in China and the current bishop of Hong Kong is a Jesuit, Cardinal Stephen Chow SJ. The new work will be coordinated by Deacon Joseph Lau, who is already a familiar face at the 10.30am Mass. Mass in Cantonese will be celebrated on the second Sunday of each month at 2pm followed by a social, together with other Masses when Chinese priests are able to visit. Some upcoming dates:

Saturday 1 June, 3.00pm - Fr Bruno Lepeu MEP (Mass in Cantonese 粵語)

Sunday 9 June, 2.00pm (Mass in English with readings and preaching in Cantonese)

Sunday 14 July, 2.00pm - Fr Li Chi Yuen (Mass in Cantonese 粵語)

Sunday 21 July, 1.30pm (Mass in English with readings and preaching in Cantonese)

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