Covid leaflet now available for countries where info is scant

July 15, 2021

Our Safeguarding Coordinator, Jo Norman, has joined together with a group of safeguarding colleagues to go beyond the day job and take action to create information materials for use in countries where information is scant.

Working with an artist in India, they have produced an illustrated pamphlet designed to be read on a mobile phone or printed off so that each page forms a poster that can be displayed in public areas.

Experts say there are still many countries where health care providers are hampered in their preventative work by misconceptions about the disease and a lack of awareness in the community of the simple steps that should be taken to reduce infection.

Leaflets are already available in Burmese, Gujarati, Hindi, Nepali and Swahili as well as French, Italian, and Spanish. They will be looking to translate into further languages as they raise more donations.

In Brazil, which has seen the number of people who have died from Covid exceed half a million, researchers have accused the government of publicly undermining science while refusing to implement protective national lockdowns and spreading misinformation.

Download the leaflet by clicking the link below.

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