Jesuit Refugee Service UK Opens Amani House for Male Refugee Friends

October 17, 2023

Many years ago, the Sisters of the Holy Family of St Emilie and the Jesuits in Britain piloted the JRS At Home hosting scheme.

Today, thanks to their ongoing commitment to the work of the Jesuit Refugee Service, those who first opened their doors to our refugee friends have now made two housing projects possible.

We know that safe and stable accommodation is, increasingly, one of the most pressing challenges of a complexly hostile environment. This is why over the past 10 years, JRS UK has been working alongside supporters to develop and expand the Accommodation Project; growing the hosting community, and more recently, opening houses for our refugee friends to live independently.

Many of our refugee friends require a longer-term and more stable accommodation option than hosting – particularly if they have health needs, are receiving trauma counselling, or need to engage intensively with their legal case.

To find out more and read the full article please click here.

Banner photo by Ricardo Gomez Angel on Unsplash

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