Rwanda Bill: Second reading in the Lords today

January 29, 2024

We stand against the government in this matter

In November, the Supreme Court ruled against the government's plans to transfer people seeking asylum to Rwanda. The Jesuit Refugee Service (JRS) supported this ruling. You can read the statement about that here.

Despite strong opposition from human rights groups, the Rwanda Bill is still making its way through Parliament.

Commenting today, Sarah Teather, Director of the Jesuit Refugee Service said:

"As the cruel and risible Rwanda Bill has its second reading in the house of Lords, there has been much discussion about its implications for politicians' careers. We urge policy-makers to remember that this isn't about party politics pantomime. If enacted, the Rwanda scheme will destroy the lives of people who have already lost everything. It is these people - men, women, and children - who should be foremost in this discussion. For them, we continue to oppose this Bill and the Rwanda scheme as a whole."

To find out more about what the Jesuit Refugee Service is doing to help refugee friends who may be affected by this change in legislation, please click here.

Banner photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash

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