Statement on safeguarding

December 16, 2022

The Jesuits in Britain take their Safeguarding responsibilities extremely seriously.

Most of the work carried out in recent years has been geared to making sure that our communities and institutions are safe places for all those with whom we come into contact. It is regrettably true that a small number of those within our ranks have betrayed the trust placed in them with regard to the care of children and vulnerable adults. We therefore work hard, too, to address the problems caused by those cases of historical abuse.

The sexual abuse of anyone, but especially of children and vulnerable adults, is abhorrent. It is a crime and a sin. The Jesuits profoundly regret both the fact that it took place at all and that it was often not dealt with adequately by those in authority. Our thoughts and prayers are with those who have suffered the consequences of those failures and we commit ourselves to doing all we can to help them. Information about the Safeguarding policies and activities of the Jesuits in Britain can be found at

In recent days a report in the media has drawn attention to crimes carried out by a high-profile Jesuit in Europe. Although this individual is not connected to the British Jesuits in any way, we would urge anybody who has read this report and feels they need emotional or psychological support to get in touch with our Safeguarding Co-ordinator, Julie Ashby-Ellis, at .

We urge anybody who is being abused, or who suspects that others are being abused, to contact the authorities immediately.

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